Strutting proudly through the barnyard, Snickerdoodle‛s red and green feathers glisten under the hot afternoon sun. Seeing Miss Pig near the old tire swing, he heads toward her. 

    Miss Pig stops looking for food and lifts her head proudly and smiles at Snickerdoodle. “How is everything going this afternoon in the barnyard?” oinks Miss Pig.

     “Everything seems to be pretty quite in the barnyard this afternoon. I‛ll just jump on top of the old tire swing to check things out just to be sure,” says  Snickerdoodle

looking at Miss Pig.




  Jumping on top of the old tire swing, Snickerdoodle balances himself and stretches his long neck high into the air cocking his head from side to side. Carefully he takes in the sights from all directions making sure all is well. Being the only rooster in the barnyard, it was his responsibility to make sure all the hens and chicks were safe. A duty he welcomed and enjoyed.

     “Hey, who do you think you are?” clucks Henrietta her old red feathers flapping as she runs toward the rooster. “Don‛t you have anything better to do than sit on that old tire swing?”

     “Well hello, Henrietta. I am just making sure Chickendoodle is okay.

      You know how that boy gets himself into trouble without even trying. Just yesterday Chickendoodle left the barnyard and wondered off into the tall grass. I saw this big old hawk diving straight at him. If I had not been around, Chickendoodle would have been Mr. Hawk‛s dinner. By the way, have you seen him?” asks Snickerdoodle.


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